Hydrotek - Cookie Policy

Hydrotek respects the privacy of all it's users and takes care of your personal information, wich is know by us. We only use your personal information for our services you have asked for.

Your personal information:

We would never give your personal information to third-party services/websites. We are grateful for your trust in Hydrotek, and we will do whatever we have got to do to protect your personal information. Your personal information will only be used for our own services, where you trust them to. You can send us a email if you want us to delete your information.

Hydrotek uses cookies and other technologies to increase the accessability and to analyze the way ours website is used, so we can increase the quality of our services. Hydrotek has no access, nor control, over the cookies of third-party services.

To get more info about the privacy policy's from third-party's, you need to read them on their websites. Also you will find instructions to opt-out for their cookies/services. Hydrotek privacy policy is not applicable to theirs, as we have no control of their activities.

At a visit to our website, or by using some of our services/products, our servers will save information automatically such as your language, date and time, userinfo (if logged in).

The used cookies by us:

If you want to disable cookies, you can do this in your webbrowser. More detailled information about cookiemanagement on different specific browsers, can be found on their websites.